Elizabethan House

On Plymouth's historic Barbican, you'll find an ancient doorway that takes you back in time to Drake's Plymouth.

New Street, where the house and gardens are located, has a deceptive name as it was actually built in 1575 and 1600 by a man named John Sparke. John was a highly regarded man in Plymouth and was mayor in 1583.

No.32 the “Elizabethan House”, a late 1500’s house which was rescued from demolition in 1929, survives in its near original state and is sympathetically furnished. Visits to the house and nearby Elizabethan Garden to the rear take you authentically back to the times of Sir Francis Drake and The Pilgrim Fathers.

Down panelled hallways and up spiral stairs, you'll find yourself in the furnished home of an Elizabethan merchant or sea captain. Mind your head on the low ceilings and feel the creaking oak of the sloping floors as you explore the Elizabethan House. See our restored kitchen and gardens on the ground floor, dining room and parlour on the first floor and bedrooms on the second floor.

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