The Black Friars Plymouth Gin Distillery

Black Friars Distillery, the working home of Plymouth Gin since 1793, is the oldest working gin distillery in England and is situated in the heart of the historic port city of Plymouth.

Originally adjoining a Dominican Priory, dating from the year 1431, it is suggested that in 1620 some of the Pilgrim Fathers may have dined here before their departure on the Mayflower.

In 1793, the building was acquired by the Coates family for conversion into a distillery producing – “Plymouth Gin”. It is thus England’s oldest gin distillery and remains in full production today, exporting extensively to the USA.

Its gin is “Appellation Controlee” (i.e. has to be distilled in Plymouth and nowhere else) and is specified by name as the prime mixer in some 27 different cocktails, including the American “Charlie Lindbergh”.  The building also features a lofty roof-timbered public cocktail lounge in the historic Refectory on the first floor and an adjoining popular restaurant.

Plymouth Gin Distillery Tour: £7
Gin Connoisseur’s Tour: £20
Master Distiller’s Private Tour: £40

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